Adrian Mouhajer

Adrian is a non-binary lesbian Lebanese (Lesbanese) writer, fighter, and all-around class clown. They specialise in over-sharing and giving good hugs, which surprisingly comes in handy when they fight because they prefer grappling over striking. Growing up, their ability to access safe environments was precarious, to say the least, but this has motivated them to provide safer and more inclusive spaces for LGBTIQ+ individuals and communities. Professionally, Adrian currently works at ACON as a Program Coordinator of Safety, Inclusion and Justice. Personally, they participate in extracurriculars and continuously overshare in a bid to converse on subjects normally viewed as too much for a Macca’s drive-thru. They are a member of Sweatshop Literacy Movement and won Highly Commended in the 2021 Sydney Opera House Antidote Mentorship for Diverse Emerging Writers

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